Wilderness, Camp Cup, Coffee Mug


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Designed for those who find peace in the great outdoors, this enameled steel camp cup features a stirring graphic of a hiker meandering through awe-inspiring mountains. The robust cup, crafted from durable steel and coated in a hardy enamel, ensures it's ready for all your adventures while being lightweight enough to not weigh you down.

The tranquil graphic of a lone hiker amidst towering peaks is more than an illustration; it's a story painted in gentle, calming colors, inviting you to bring a piece of the serene mountainous landscape into each sip of your beverage. The hiker's silhouette resonates with the spirit of exploration, reminding us of the rewards of resilience and the beauty of the journey.

With a glossy, protective enamel coating, the cup is resilient and easy to clean. It safeguards the captivating design against the wear and tear of outdoor use and repeated washings, keeping the graphic vibrant and intact.

This enameled steel camp cup with its beautiful, serene graphic offers an ideal fusion of durability, convenience, and a touch of wilderness nostalgia, making it a charming companion for those who carry the spirit of the mountains wherever they go.

Material: cold-rolled steel plate, with enamel glazed surface
12oz (0.35 l)
Do not microwave!
Anti-alkali and acid proof
Glossy finish
Dishwasher safe!

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